The Swank MS Foundation

The rise of MS in recent decades has mirrored the increase of highly saturated animal fats in the Western diet, which caught the attention of Dr. Roy L. Swank, Ph.D. He researched and devised what is now known as the Swank MS Diet, which he first introduced in 1948. The Swank MS Diet looks back to our pre-industrial roots for inspiration – when we ate the fruits of our own soil, when meat was a luxury – before food was distilled into a list of nutrients and ingredients. Now the Swank regimen is not only about food choices, critical as they are, but is also about a calmer and more relaxed lifestyle with time to smell the roses.

The Swank MS Diet is more than just a way to regain one’s health. It is also a way to reclaim our relationship with real food. Join us at the Swank MS Foundation, with others just like you, who view food as the beginning of a holistic, healthy life. Use our message board to talk to our members, swap recipes and meet others on the path to wellness.

The Swank MS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private charity that provides information and resources on the Swank Low Fat Diet, vitamin supplements, and life-style changes beneficial to patients with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as their families and friends, as pioneered by Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D.

The Vision of the Foundation is:

  • To increase awareness and expand implementation of the successful holistic treatment of Multiple Sclerosis centered around 50 years of the Swank Low Fat Diet.
  • To foster contact between newly diagnosed patients and those who have followed the treatment over a long period of time.
  • To maintain and expand the Foundation's website as a resource on the Swank Low Fat diet and to offer internet links and references of articles and studies which relate to MS and its treatment.
  • To encourage an interchange of recipes supplied by patients and friends through the website and related publications.
  • To maintain a message board and chat-room which act as a contact source and focus of self-help for patients and other interested parties.

Donations to the Swank MS Foundation are tax deductible. Please send your gift to:

The Swank MS Foundation
PO Box 82254
Portland, OR 97282-0254

or you may donate now online using your MasterCard or VISA.

You may email us at:

Please note that while we welcome and encourage your comments, the Swank MS Foundation has limited staff resources. We regret that we may not be able to answer all inquiries immediately. Your patience is appreciated.

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