A Partnership to Learn about the Diet's Impact

In the interest of advancing effective diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for individuals affected with the debilitating condition of Multiple Sclerosis, we are very excited to have partnered with Iverson Genetic Diagnostics and Genelex in a joint collaboration. This study will validate the development of a quantitative, gene-based diagnostics for widespread application intended for clinical utility. We look forward to providing the 'gold standard' for genetic testing in monitoring the progression and manifestation of disease in accordance with treatment protocols. For patients following the Swank Program, longevity post-diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis serves as an excellent reference frame for survival with an increased quality of life.

3 Oct, 2007 Press Release (pdf)

Video Interview with Kendra Key, Swank MS Foundation Executive Director (youtube video)

About Iverson Genetic Diagnostics, Inc.

Iverson Genetic Diagnostics is a biotech company focused on the next generation of healthcare. Recently established at the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle, WA, they specialize in offering DNA/RNA or SNP analysis and late stage analysis tools for medical providers to assess health.

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