Roy L. Swank - A 100th Year Celebration

On March 5, 2009, Mrs. Swank and Dr. Swank's family hosted a memorial and celebration of the life of Dr. Swank - it would have been his 100th year! Approximately 100 attended - family and friends, colleagues and patients -  all  gathered  at the Benson Hotel in Portland, OR for the event. Memories of times spent with, and the qualities of the good doctor were shared by a number of speakers covering the spectrum of his life and times, followed by a buffet lunch and live piano (which Dr. Swank would have loved!)

We recorded the speakers, and have each speech below to share with you (grey arrows underneath each photo).  Clicking on each speaker's name will link you to a video of their speech on youtube. (Please note that the audio quality was the best available at the time)

Susan Swank-Keizer

Susan is Dr. Swank's daughter, and here recalls her relationship with her father and his passions.

Marlo Triet

Marlo, a family friend, shared interest with Dr. Swank in fast cars and well-made machines; memories he details here with admiration.

Elizabeth Muller-Lorish

A family friend and officiant for the service, Elizabeth tells of childhood memories at the Swank's house in Raleigh Hills.

Roger Meyer

Roger is Roy's Attorney and longtime friend. He traces their relationship from its roots in the mid-20th century to the present day.

Tom Ryan

Tom, a businessman and longtime patient of Dr. Swank, recalls how he met Dr. Swank and came to be a dedicated patient.

George Schnyder

George is a businessman and longtime patient of Dr. Swank, and tells of the generosity and dedication Roy maintained in his many pursuits.

Jack Dyer

A retired aeronautics engineer and a patient of Dr. Swank since 1953, Jack's story follows the diet from its prototypical phase on through new research to the form it takes today.

Kendra Key

Kendra is the Executive Director of the Swank MS Foundation, and manages the Swank MS Community website. She shares how she first knew Roy as his caretaker, in his final few years.

Jim Goodwin

Jim is a colleague of Dr. Swank and President of the board of directors for the Swank MS Foundation, and recalls a few memories of working with Roy, and of their friendship.

Dr. Dennis Bourdette

Dennis is Chair of the Department of Neurology and Roy and Eulalia Swank Family Research Professor at OHSU. He tells the story of Roy's scientific side, concluding the presentation.